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Hey Bonitas,

JAE’s Collection “The Rebirth” is here! I couldn’t be much happier about this collection. Like the first one, it represents ME. It represents my sense of fashion and taste in clothing but most importantly it represents my up and coming metamorphosis; my transition from women to motherhood. If you have followed my story on social media you will know that- just like you Bonita- I have encountered struggles that have molded me into the individual that I am today. I have struggled with new life changes like: body image, marriage, pregnancy & trauma (events that I thought were forgotten.). After therapy (yes, I said it and I definitely know I am not the 1st gen to go through therapy) I learned to accept, who I am NOW! Judith Mayorga; the wife, the gordita, mom-to-be, la hija del jardinero, la caprichosa, the empresaria, the hyper-independent woman, La orgullosa de sus raices Zacatecanas and much more. I have learned to accept my story and body image.

Also, my son has played an important role in my transformation. He made me want to dress up my beautiful body and show off to the world the life that was growing inside of me. My son has comforted me and pushed me to accept myself. This new collection and images are just the beginning of Maria Bonita Boutique rebirth. 

Bonita’s let your past be your past and begin your beautiful transformation. Start Feeling, Looking and Being Bonita…TODAY!

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